LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi"

Project "Improving of the conservation status of specially protected bird species in Natura 2000 site "Adazi"" 

Duration: 01.11.2013. − 31.08.2018. (Including extension of 10 months).

Partners: State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement, National Armed Forces, Latvian Ornithological Society, Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests”, Municipality of Seja District

Budget: 1 537 988 EUR

50 % − LIFE financial instrument of the European Union
21 % − Latvian Environmental Protection Fund
29 % − project partners

The LIFE+ project “Birds in Adazi” aims to manage and restore the natural environment for the protection of rare bird species, explore the impact of military training on “Adazi” nature values and limit illegal visiting of the territory. In order to promote support for conservation, education activities will be held for the soldiers and general public.
During the project 1620 ha of bird habitats will be restored - 1100 ha of heath by cutting down of trees and bushes, mowing, controlled burning and sod cutting, 500 ha of bog by construction of dams on drainage ditches and removing overgrowth, 20 ha of boreal forests by controlled burning of the undergrowth. Project will help rare European birds - European Roller, European Nightjar, Woodlark, Red-backed Shrike, Tawny Pipit, Wood Sandpiper and Black Grouse.