On 5 July,  project manager Laura Jukāme and field work coordinator Ieva Mārdega visited Finland, where LIFE project "Light & Fire" carried out the restoration of the Western taiga habitat by a controlled burning of the forest undergrowth.


In the summer of 2015, five pairs of European Rollers were nesting in the protected landscape area "Adazi" and Adazi military training area. Unfortunately, in one nest babies died due to the lack of food caused by a cold and wet weather in June and July. None of the three eggs hatched in another nest for unknown reasons.


Welcome to the protected landscape area "Adazi" nature news in June - photo shots fixed by the project field work coordinator Ieva Mārdega.


International conference "Management of disturbance dependant species and habitats in military training areas" took place in Riga and Adazi military base on 26-28 May, 2015. Several aspects of nature conservation in military areas were discussed during the event that brought together 64 participants from military and nature conservation organizations from 13 European countries, as well as the US Army in Europe.


Nature conservation work done in the protected landscape area "Adazi" has been recognized in the European Natura 2000 Award 2015 competition, Latvian application entering numbers of 23 finalists.