A study on impact of military activities on nature values has been published

A project “Birds in Ādaži” partner Latvian Ornithological Society did research on impact of military activities on nature values in the Ādaži military training area. The Ādaži military training area is not only the training place for the National Armed forces, but also a home of Europe’s protected natural values. The central part of the training area, where intense military exercises are taking place, is an open landscape of heath and grey dunes – the largest heathland in the Baltic States (3000 ha). Military activity is the main factor shaping the landscape and the habitats within the project territory, and it positively affects disturbance dependent habitats and species.

Ornis Fennica is a peer-reviewed international ornithological journal published by BirdLife Finland. Ornis Fennica publishes analytical and experimental papers on the ecology, behaviour and biogeography of birds.

Full text of paper is available in Ornis Fennica 95: 15–31. 2018 (Open Access):

Impact of military activities on bird species considered to benefit from disturbances: an example from an active military training area in Latvia.


Photo: Normunds Mežiņš, Republic of Latvia Ministry of Defence Cadet Force and Information Centre