Preparation of an interactive application has been started

Within the framework of the LIFE + project "Birds in Adazi", work has begun on preparing an interactive application, which will include twelve 360 degree virtual tours of the heath, Western taiga forest and raised bog.

From August 21 to October 31, in cooperation with Virtualature.lv, in the area of ​​Adazi range photo tours are taken that show heath in a good nature conservation state, overgrown, after controlled burning and after removing the topsoil. The panoramas taken in the Western taiga will show the forest in a good nature conservation state, with an overgrown undergrowth, just after burning and a few years after the burning. In the Rampa bog, photo tours will be prepared that show the bog in a good nature conservation state, as well as degraded places and places where the overgrowth has been removed and new dams are created.

The purpose of the interactive application is to show the European protected habitats found in Adazi range and the protected landscape area “Ādaži” and their management by various methods carried out by the State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement and the National Armed Forces.