Information boards have been set up in Adazi range

In July-August this year 30 new information boards have been set up and information updated on 30 existing information boards in the protected landscape area "Ādaži".

20 of the new boards mark the border of the extended protected landscape area “Ādaži”, while the 10 old ones are located on the previous border of “Ādaži”.

"Ādaži" is one of the last places in Latvia where European Roller is breeding, this rare bird species is on a brink of extinction both in Latvia and in neighbouring countries. Over 60 nest-boxes for nesting and 200 perching poles that help to notice prey – large insects – have been set up in the landscape area for conservation of the European Roller. Also, the landscape area holds the largest heath in the Baltics - about 2000 hectares of vast plains, where many European protected plant and animal species, such as Eastern Pasque Flower, Black Grouse, Eurasian Nightjar, Red-backed Shrike and Tawny Pipit, can be found.

Photo: Ieva Mārdega

The 1.5 x 2 m stands show these nature values ​​of “Ādaži”, while inviting to remember that the protected landscape area “Ādaži” overlaps with Ādaži range, where military training is carried out daily, therefore the territory is not accessible to visitors.

In order to address the soldiers and invite them to remember about the compliance with the nature protection requirements, in the territory of the landscape area information on the 20 existing small boards has been restored and 10 new small boards, that tell about the heath, inland dunes, forest and raised bog, have been set up.

Photo: Ieva Mārdega

Boards tell about the protected species in each habitat, provide information on ecological processes and habitat management methods in Ādaži range, carried out by the State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement and the National Armed Forces.