Burning of heath and forest undergrowth in Adazi MTA in 2017

In July this year, the burning of heath and forest undergrowth was carried out in the Adazi MTA and in the protected landscape area Adazi.

On July 23rd, burning of 14 hectares of heath in six plots was carried out. Within the LIFE+ project, the burning of the heath is planned in a total area of ​​300 hectares, and at the moment, all planned amount has been acquired.

On the 25th and 26th of July, the undergrowth of the forest was burned, with a total area of 8.2 hectares in five plots - currently this is just over a half of the intended total amount to be manged with this method within the project. Burning was carried out in pine forests, which in the future should become Western Taiga - a protected habitat in the European Union.

Burning is a method by which in protected landscape area "Adazi" and elsewhere in Europe manage overgrown habitats, which are naturally characterized by such type of renewal - historically fires served for this purpose. Heath and several forest types have adapted specifically to this developmental cycle and are home to rare species that require an open environment that occurs after burning, for example, a rare and protected Black Fire Beetle Melanophila acuminata. The next day after forest burning in the Adazi MTA, this rare insect was already seen on the burned pine trunks.

Before the burning a safety zone - sandy margin was formed around the perimeter of the plot. The burning was carried out and supervised by the State Forest Service and the Incukalns voluntary fire brigade association. Support was provided by the National Armed Forces.

Photo: Ieva Mārdega.