Nature management plan of protected landscape area "Adazi" has been approved

On April 26, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development approved the nature management plan of the protected landscape area "Adazi" (PLA "Adazi") 2015-2025. The plan was developed within the framework of LIFE + project "Birds in Adazi" by Latvian Ornithological Society, involving a team of nature experts – researchers of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, invertebrates, heath and grasslands, forests and bogs.

During the development of nature protection plan in 2014 and 2015, all protected European habitats were mapped by habitat experts and the area was surveyed by species experts with the aim of identifying locations of rare species. Based on the recommendations of experts and in collaboration with the supervisory group of the management plan, a revised zoning has been created, making it more seamless and easier to work with, thus facilitating the planning of the military training.

Heath with sand patches. Photo: Ieva Mardega

A comprehensive scheme of management activities has been included in the plan, it sets out in detail the necessary activities and the organizations responsible – State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement, National Armed Forces, Nature Conservation Agency, municipalities of Adazi and Seja,  JSC "Latvia's State Forests" and Latvian Ornithological Society.

Nature management plan has been developed for the enlarged area of PLA "Adazi". In 2011, the territory of "Adazi" increased from 6,131 ha to 10,150 ha, by adding the adjacent forest and bog areas, which are important nesting and feeding sites for endangered bird species.

The development of the nature management plan was monitored by representatives of the Nature Conservation Agency , councils of Adazi and Seja municipalities, State Environmental Service, State Forest Service , JSC " Latvia’s State Forests", Rural Support Service, the Latvian Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Latvian Hunters' Association and National Armed forces. A public consultation of the plan was carried out with the inhabitants of Adazi and Seja municipalities.