Environment Day dedicated to the Western taiga forest will take place in Adazi MTA

On September 30, 2016, youth guards, young naturalists of Latvian Museum of Natural History and representatives of military and nature conservation organizations will learn about the Western taiga and its nature values in the Environment Day of the Adazi military training area.

For nearly 100 years military training has been carried out in the Adazi MTA, but economic activity, including forestry, has been limited in the territory. Thanks to the unusual conditions large areas of pine forests have remained. These forests are characterized with tree stands of different ages, large dimension trees and standing and lying dry trees – a home to rare insects, lichens, mosses and mushrooms. Existence and regeneration of Western taiga forests are associated with forest fires. Therefore, they benefit from small forest fires that occur in a result of the military training or controlled undergrowth burning - a special management method that is carried out under the supervision of firefighters.

Photo: Ieva Mārdega

During the Environment day an excursion will take place in the nature. Biologist Sandra Ikauniece will tell about Western taiga, its nature values ​​and the impact of fire on this type of the forest. Enthomologist Voldemars Spuņģis will invite to learn about the insects found in the Western taiga and mycologist Inita Daniele will help to identify mushroom species. Soldiers of the National Armed Forces will allow to take a look at technique used in military training in Adazi MTA.

Environment day in Adazi MTA is organized by the LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" in cooperation with the Latvian Museum of Natural History.