Album "Nature sounds in Adazi military training area" has been released

This September LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" has released the album "Nature sounds in Adazi military training area". It includes animal species and soundscapes characteristic to the heath and wetlands of Adazi military training area.

In the recordings project's "target" species can be heard - Woodlark, Tawny Pipit, European Nightjar, Black Grouse and European Roller  - all especially protected in Europe, as well as other birds found in the military training area and protected landscape area "Adazi" - Eurasian Hoopoe, Common Crane, Little Grebe, Common Snipe, Corncrake, Great Snipe, Common Quail, Barred Warbler and Ortolan Bunting. The album also includes voice recordings of  the amphibians - Edible and Pool Frogs, Natterjack Toad and Common Spadefoot - this record is unique, because the voice of the Spadefoot has been recorded underwater. Insect species inhabiting the military training area can also be heard - European Mole Cricket, Rattle Grasshopper and Western Honey Bee, as well as six soundscapes mainly recorded during the spring.

All field recordings were made in the Adazi military training area. The tracks contain no internal cuts or mixes with other sounds. No playback used to alter behavior of animals, and any disturbance was kept to a minimum.

Album has been released in 1000 copies and will be distrubuted in the events of LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" and Ministry of Defence.

Sound recordings: © Edmunds Račinskis (2013-2016)
Design: Ilze Ķuze
Published by: @ Valsts aizsardzības militāro objektu un iepirkumu centrs 2016
Total running time: ca. 69:01

Booklet of the album (PDF, 9 MB)

Part of the sound records included in the album are available in the home page of LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi": http://putniadazos.lv/en/audio