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Other LIFE+ Nature projects in Latvia

  • National Conservation and Management Programme for Natura 2000 sites in Latvia NAT-PROGRAMME:
  • Restoring the hydrological regime of Kemeri National Park HYDROPLAN:
  • Forest Habitat Restoration within the Gauja National Park FOR-REST:
  • Restoration of Corncrake habitats in Dviete floodplain Natura 2000 site DVIETE:
  • Management of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) and two priority beetle species: planning, public participation, innovation EREMITA MEADOWS:

Other LIFE+ Nature projects in military areas in Europe

  • Poland: "The integrated conservation of non-forest natural habitat on military area in Natura 2000 site" LIFE MILITARY HABITATS PL:
  • France: "Biodiversity restoration and conservation of remarkable military lands in southeast France" LIFE DEFENSE NATURE 2 MIL:

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