LIFE project ADAZI

In 2006 - 2009 funding from the European Union LIFE program was attracted for the first time to carry out nature protection and restoration activities in the protected landscape area "Adazi" and the project "Restoration of Bilogical Diversity in Military Training Area and Natura 2000 site "Adazi"" LIFE06 NAT/LV/00011 was implemented.

Project lasted from 1 September 2006 until 31 December 2009. It was coordinated by Defence Property State Agency (the predecessor of State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement), National Armed Forces, Latvian Fund for Nature and Nature Protection Board. Total project budget was 905 307 EUR, co-financers - European Union LIFE-Nature programme and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund. 

Project's objectives: integrating nature conservation and military interests, restoring the military training area and protected landscape area "Adazi" nature values and maintaing them in favourable conservation state, networking and dissemination acitivties with other managers of military Natura 2000 sites.

Results achieved by the project:

  • development of the nature protection plan of the protected landscape area "Adazi",
  • removal of overgrowth (trees and shrubs) and maintenance of heath, grassland, inland dunes and bog habitats,
  • cleaning up of unexploded ammunition,
  • hydrological research of the area,
  • education of the soldiers about nature protection activities,
  • various information activities - Visitors' day, international conferences and expierence exchange visits, booklets, website, information boards. 

More information about the project: