Conservation and management

What threatens “Adazi” nature values?

  • The intensity of the military training in various parts of "Adazi” differs, therefore some heath areas overgrow with trees and bushes.
  • A number of drainage ditches has been built in the territory’s bogs and their water level has dropped. As a result, bogs overgrow and rare plant species disappear.
  • Ignoring the rules irresponsible visitors dump waste, steal timber and drive off-road in the forests and bogs of “Adazi”. This damages the nature values and destroys more vulnerable species and their habitats.

How “Adazi” nature values are preserved?

Bog restoration - 400 ha of bog has been restored in the drained Rampa and Dzerve bogs by removing trees and bushes and installing water level regulators.

Maintenance of open heath landscape  - each year, an average of 200 hectares are managed by mowing of overgrown heath and cutting down new pine, birch and aspen trees. In smaller areas – about 50 ha per year – controlled burning of heath is being carried out under the supervision of the State Forest Service.

Conservation of “Adazi” nature values is implemented by the State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement in cooperation with the National Armed Forces. In 2006-2009 funding of the nature management and restoration works was allocated from the European Union LIFE program.