Rampa bog. Photo: Ieva Mardega.

The territory of protected landscape area "Adazi" includes part of the Rampa bog, as well as other smaller bogs. They have been intensively drained, therefore their water level has dropped and characteristic bog plant communities are preserved only in some places. Rampa bog is one of the best Black Grouse breeding grounds in Latvia. Other bird species endangered in Europe – Wood Sandpiper, Common Crane, European Nightjar, Red-backed Shrike and Short-toed Snake-eagle feed and nest in the bog territory. Also a specially protected vascular plant Moor King has been found here.

It is planned to restore 500 hectares of degraded bog during the project. Overgrowth – trees and shrubs – will be removed from 150 hectares of the bog. The water level will be raised by building dams and filling ditches. Restoration of the bog’s hydrological regime will be carried out in accordance with the results of the hydrological research and the approved technical project.

Moor King blooms in July and August. Photo: Ieva Mardega.