Sila cīrulis. Foto: Jari Peltomäki

European protected bird species, included in the Annex I of the European Union Birds Directive. Breeds in Europe.


Sparrow-sized yellowish-brown bird, with a short tail. Woodlark has a very characteristic, wavy flight, during which rapid wing beats interchange with glading with folded wings. Woodlark sings both in flight and on some perch (poles, trees, electrical wires, etc.), mainly in the morning and evening twilight and at night. Nest lies on the ground, well hidden. Feeds on various insects and their larvae, winters in SW Europe and possibly in North Africa.

Woodlark is one of the most characteristic birds of protected landscape area Adazi. Its song can be heard in the spring at the edges of forests, in heath and in woody dunes of the Rampa bog. Up to 60 pairs of Woodlark breed in the territory.