Stepes čipste. Foto: Jari Peltomäki





European protected bird species, included in the Annex I of the European Union Birds Directive.


Tawny Pipit (Anthus campestris) lives in open dry habitats, from sand dunes, sandy heaths, dry grassland and clearfelled areas to artificial habitats such as gravel pits. Rarley found in Latvia, but regular breeder in "Adazi" sand plains and heath.

Both sexes are similar, but the male is brighter than the female. The upperparts are sandy-brown, with streaked crown. The rest of the upperparts is uniform except the wing coverts which are finely streaked darker brown. The rump is brown, and the very long tail is dark brown to blackish on median rectrices. The other tail feathers show narrow buff edges, and the outer ones are edged whitish on both sides.  The Tawny Pipit frequents bushy areas, dry meadows, cultivated areas, sandy dunes and sandy shores, semi-arid highlands, mountainous slopes, fallows and heath lands.

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