Nature values

Rare species in the tank tracks

The main part of the protected landscape area "Adazi" is also Adazi military training area. Military training is carried out here for nearly 100 years, accordingly the area is little affected by the common economic activities – agriculture, forestry, construction, tourism.

Tracking by the tanks and armored vehicles, blasting, making of the artillery positions and frequent fires have created an open landscape of heath and dunes that is unique in Latvia.

Restrictions of the economic activity have allowed an undisturbed existence of clean lakes and old forests. Thanks to the unusual conditions many rare animal and plant species are found in the territory and specially protected nature area has been established for preservation of these nature values. Compromises are being sought and found in order to harmonize military and nature conservation needs.

The landscape of “Adazi” is diverse – forests, bogs, rivers, lakes and heath. Therefore, many species protected in Latvia are found here:

  • 32 species of plants: Eastern Pasque Flower, Water Lobelia etc.
  • 19 species of invertebrates: Rattle Grasshopper, Marsh Fritillary etc.
  • 4 species of amphibians and reptiles: Smooth Snake, Natterjack Toad etc.
  • 34 species of birds: Short-toed Snake-eagle, Black Stork etc.
  • 13 species of mammals: Gray wolf, Eurasian Lynx, Nathusius' Pipistrelle etc.