Educational documentary "Birds in Trenches" has been developed within the LIFE + project "Birds in Adazi". The film tells about the protected landscape area “Adazi” nature values – the unique nature complex, which has formed in the area by continuous military training – and site management.


International conference "Military and Nature - Mutual Benefits" organised by LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" will take place on 29 - 31 August in Sigulda. It is planned that the conference will bring together 50-60 representatives of the defense sector and nature conservation experts from various European countries.


Calling on soldiers to remember about protection of nature values and environmental resources of Adazi military training base on a daily basis, the film "Green soldier" was prepared within the LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" last year.


This September LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" has released the album "Nature sounds in Adazi military training area". It includes animal species and soundscapes characteristic to the heath and wetlands of Adazi military training area.


On a sunny September Friday youth guards, young environmentalists of Latvian Natural History Museum, journalists and representatives of State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement and National Armed Forces gathered in Adazi military training area.


On September 30, 2016, youth guards, young naturalists of Latvian Museum of Natural History and representatives of military and nature conservation organizations will learn about the Western taiga and its nature values in the Environment Day of the Adazi military training area.


This September, development of the film "Green Soldier" was completed within the LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi".


On April 26, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development approved the nature management plan of the protected landscape area "Adazi" (PLA "Adazi") 2015-2025.


In May, the landscape of the protected landscape area "Adazi" and Adazi military training area brightens up with nature colours and sounds - you are welcome to look at the photos of the LIFE + project "Birds in Adazi" fieldwork coordinator Ieva Mardega.


From Monday, May 2, live translation from the web camera set up in the nest box of European Roller in the Adazi military training area has started in the website of the LIFE + project "Birds in Adazi".