Two land properties with rare European forest habitats purchased

On November 11, LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" concluded a two years long process of purchasing and registering in the name of the Latvian state two land properties located in the Adazi military training area and the protected landscape area "Adazi". Properties "Zales" (35.94 ha) and "Pludoni" (6.6 ha) are situated in the western and northern parts of the military training area and are covered by rare forest habitats protected in the European Union.

Purchasing of the properties ensures protection of these nature values in the long term. At the same time it is an opportunity to buy the land from the owners at a fair price, based on a valuation carried out by independent experts. The land is burdened with the restrictions of military activities and nature protection and it is not possible to carry out economic activities there.

Purchase of the land was carried out within the project action B.1.