Restoration of heath by the controlled burning in "Adazi"

On 18th July LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi" and State Forest Service organized controlled burning of several 0.5 ha to 3 ha large heath areas to restore the habitat.

In the protected landscape area "Adazi" heath is restored with this method for the seventh year. In the places burned in the previous years heather has already grown back and blooms, rare Blue-winged Grasshoppers are found there and European Rollers are feeding.

Open heath is a protected habitat in the European Union. It is inhabited by many rare plant and animal species. In the protected landscape area "Adazi", largest part of which is covered by the Adazi military training area, heath spreads for 2000 ha, that is approximately 90% of heath habitat in Latvia.

The project will restore 1,100 hectares of overgrown heath by cutting down of trees and bushes, mowing, controlled burning and sod cutting. Before the restoration works National Armed Forces will clean the area from the unexploded ammunition.

Video: project's field work coordinator Ieva Mārdega.