Five pairs of European Roller were nesting in "Adazi" this year

In the summer of 2015, five pairs of European Rollers were nesting in the protected landscape area "Adazi" and Adazi military training area. Unfortunately, in one nest babies died due to the lack of food caused by a cold and wet weather in June and July. None of the three eggs hatched in another nest for unknown reasons. However, three nests were successful and respectively 4, 2 and 2 juveniles were raised in them. At present, the young birds have already left the nest. The parents will continue to feed them for some time - until the young birds themselves learn to catch the insects.

You are welcome to watch the video showing the European Roller adult birds feeding the babies and communicating at the nest box. The nest box filmed in the video is one of 50 nest boxes intended specifically for the breeding of the European Rollers that were put up in the protected landscape area "Adazi" within the LIFE+ project "Birds in Adazi".

There are 25 nesting pairs of Eurpean Roller in Latvia. Once a common species in Latvia, at present European Roller is on the verge of extiction in our and neighboring countries. Several activities are carried out within the project "Birds in Adazi" to improve nesting and feeding conditions of this rare bird.

Video: project's field work coordinator Ieva Mārdega.