Filming of "Adazi" nature values and their management has started

In October, film production company "Vides Filmu Studija" started filming of autumn landscapes and management works in the protected landscape area "Adazi".

A film about the site's unique nature values, their formation under the influence of the military training and management works carried out by the State Centre for Defence Military Objects and Procurement and National Armed Forces to maintain a favorable living environment for animal and plant species protected in Europe is being shot within the project "Birds in Adazi". The film focuses on specially protected birds - European Roller, Black Grouse, Tawny Pipit, European Nightjar, Wood Sandpiper, Red-backed Shrike and their life events - feeding, lekking, raising of babies - in the four seasons.

On October 12, operators Māris Maskalāns and Miks Ramāns filmed autumnal heath and bog landscapes and heath management works - mowing and topsoil removal. With the help of the drone the area was filmed from the air. Aerial filming will be carried out also in the winter, spring and summer, resulting in modern and interesting aerial shots that track seasonal changes in the landscapes of "Adazi" year-round.


Removing of the unexploded ammunition by sappers and false lekking of the Black Grouse is yet to be filmed during the autumn. Autumn false lekking is the phenomenon characteristic to the Galliformes - the males gather at the lek and sing, but singing intensity is not as strong as in the spring lekking time and there is no fighting.

Filming will continue until the next autumn. Planned length of the film is 15 minutes, it will be in the Latvian language with English subtitles, in 600 copies (in USB data carriers) and available in the project's "Birds in Adazi" website.

The film is being prepared within the project's action E.9. Earlier this year, a film production company "Vides Filmu Studija" was chosen in the result of the procurement procedure. Director and operator of the film is Māris Maskalāns, who has many years of experience in the preparation of documentaries and whose works have gained awards in international contests. Film's sound recording is carried out by ornithologist Edmund Račinskis, whose nature sound records, mainly - bird voices, have been released in several CD albums.

A 20 -minute long film about the environmental protection requirements during the military training will also be prepared by "Vides Filmu Studija" within the project "Birds in Adazi ". Director and scriptwriter of the film is Sandijs Semjonovs, external military consultant - Ziedonis Ločmelis.

Photo: project's field work co-ordinator Ieva Mārdega.